Message from Chairman

Rameshwar cattle Feed Industries known for its excellent quality of cattle Feed, is the leading cattle Feed producer in india. With having 20 years of experience in cattle Feed marketing and production, we established a manufacturing plant at Raigarh in Chhattisgarh in Year 2011.Rameshwar Cattle Feed Industries is the Indian standard company in processing, marketing and distribution of cattle Feed for dairy animals. Since 2011 the company has been successfully operating and satisfactory service in India. We fulfil all the parameters of Livestock management. Our moto is high bio-availability, profitable dairy farming, make the best use of skill of our workforce, so deliver high quality. By virtue of quality, competitive pricing policy and ethical business principles, we have been able to make a customer satisfactory service.

Mr. Bhuneshwar Patel

Our objective:

1. To provide best Feed to the cattle.
2. Customer satisfaction
3. High production of milk
4. Delivery to each corner of India

Customer service:

we give the best service to the customers. Transportation service is always available for time to time delivery of product. We fulfil all the parameters of livestock management to give the best result. Time to time Feed is examine and all the minerals and nutrients are balanced as requirement of cattle. We believe in happiness and development of customer as our main moto, so time to time meeting is arranged with dairy former and give them the details of Feed and their uses. We also introduce them with all type of dairy farming suggestions.